When You Can’t Settle For Less

I do not believe my friend when she says that New Jersey bagels–from her neighborhood– are the best in the world.  She calls me from New Jersey and tells me all about her coffee and New Jersey bagel and continues trash-talking all the other bagels in the world. 

I hear she’s traveling back to my neighborhood this morning, so I throw out a challenge.  I kindly ask her to bring me home some of these mythic bagels so I can see what all the hoopla is about. 

Two minutes ago, I walk into my kitchen and find a bag of New Jersey bagels (she sneaks them inside!).  She delivers them the same day they were made. 

I have to admit they do look rather yummy.  

New Jersey Bagel

Doubtful, I tear into the first one.

I stop everything.  I call my husband and children into the kitchen to taste these bagels.  I even have to take a picture.   

I’ll never be able to settle for less now that I know the real thing exists out there in New Jersey.   And I’ll expect more now that I know how good they could be. 

It’s a good lesson for me to remember:  I won’t settle for less when I encounter the best there is.  And true friends remind you of the difference between the good and the great.  True friends help you experience the more that life can be. 

Journal:  Where am I settling for less than great? 

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  1. Ha ha, I'd better not let my boyfriend see this post, it would only encourage him. He never shuts up about the bagels and pizza in NY and NJ. I've had both and frankly don't really see what the big deal is, but maybe I'm not as picky about food as he is!

    I like to at least try to like the things I have around me, so I'm not always pining for things I can't have or comparing them to things I used to have. I'm not sure if that is settling or not, but I think there are always good things to be had right where I am, if I'm open to them.

    Great “food for thought!” Thanks! 🙂