Years Later, It Returns

Today, the Italian Mama asks if I’ll join her on a particular shopping mission.

She’s a trained ballerina who once danced at elite schools and in elite companies.  I’ve seen pictures of her posing with one leg fully extended above her head and every inch of her body exquisitely controlled as only a true ballerina knows how.

But that was years ago.  37 years ago.  That was before a career, a husband, children, and Italian Mama neighborhood living.  That was before the tortured decision to leave dance in order to live a different life.  Maybe one day, she’ll tell the whole story.  Only her heart knows it.

Today, I realize this as I think about her: 

Sometimes, the thing you love that you have to leave comes back to you.  Sometimes, the thing you want most of all returns in a different form, at a different time, and for a different reason. 

Recently, word spread that the Italian Mama was once a glorious and sought after ballerina.  And our community just happens to need a ballet teacher.  Would she ever consider teaching ballet?  Would she ever come back to it after all these years?

Yes.  Yes she would.  She’s ready.  And so the Italian Mama will purchase new ballet shoes this week.

37 years later.

I will cry tears of joy at every performance of her most blessed students. 

Have you had some joy returned to you after decades?

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