How Dare She!

I notice that a tree branch is growing through my fence this morning.  
That little arm–what audacity!–writhes its way in and actually proceeds to grow.  How dare she!  That little branch will eventually take down the whole structure. 
As I look at this little branch, I begin to love her audacity.   I’m strangely attracted to it. Audacious living means you disregard obstacles, intimidation, and fear, and you just move in and start growing.  You aren’t restrained by convention or propriety.  
Some folks might see it as rude and disrespectful.  Some folks might say, “How dare she!”  
What nerve she has!  What insolence!  She’s taking too many liberties!  
There’s something about audacious people that attracts criticism. But living with flair means when God says we go, do, or be–against all odds and against all conventions–we embrace the audacity of it. 
How dare we!
Are you going to have a little audacity today?  
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