Today I winterized my potted plum tree. When you have a plum tree in a pot outdoors (at least in Pennsylvania), you must insulate the tree against the bitter winter cold. This tree’s roots and young trunk won’t fare well if I don’t offer some protection. You might have a potted plant that you hope survives the winter. Here’s what I learned to do:

Purchase a frost shield blanket from your local hardware store and wrap the pot all the way around and up to the base of the trunk. Then, wrap your pot around and around in layers of burlap or another kind of insulating material. I used 12 feet of burlap, and then I secured everything with this festive ribbon.

In the spring, I pray my little plum tree grows beautiful plums (it might take another year). The more mature plum trees along the back fence have strong roots deep under the ground. They don’t need the same insulation. Maybe this year, they’ll produce fruit at last.

I take my cues from nature. Some of us need to wrap ourselves up and create better boundaries against things that deplete us or threaten our well-being. Some of us need to help protect others. It’s a harsh season. Bundle up.

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