Holiday Kindness

This morning, I remember the power of kindness. Kind people don’t insist on their own way. Kind people think about what others need. Kind people focus on blessing others. They compliment freely, offer gratitude in all circumstances, and let others take the spotlight.

Kind people ask others great questions and let them share about their lives. Kind people give away their treasures to others. Kind people think about how they can help and how they can make the lives of others easier. Kind people let the love of Jesus flow through them–through their face, hands, and words. Kind people pronounce blessing over others. They enter a room and change the atmosphere with their joy and their love. What if you were that person at the Thanksgiving table?

Kind people don’t worry about being uncomfortable, inconvenienced, or put out. They serve; they humble themselves; and they stay surrendered. They don’t control or push others. Instead, they empower others and love them unconditionally. They don’t wish for people to change or be different. They just love. They’re just kind. 

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