The Reason You’re There

Today I remembered to take each moment as it comes as a gift from God with a special purpose attached to it. Sometimes I find myself in unpleasant situations in places I wish I could leave (like the doctor’s office). But then I remember my “sent” identity and what it might mean that Jesus sent me to this location for a purpose to bless and proclaim to others something about God.

So today, when a nurse asked me about upcoming travel, I mentioned my Christian conference speaking. She immediately put her pen down and asked, “What do you speak about?”

I told her. I told her about being seated with Jesus from Ephesians 2 and how much God loves us. I asked her if she has ever read Ephesians or what she knew about God. Did she have a Bible? Did she know about being a Christian?

Suddenly, the appointment didn’t matter. What mattered was her and her need for God. We talked about her faith and her desire to reconnect again with God. She asked if she could look up my books, and I told her not to worry–I would deliver signed copies to help her grow in her understanding of God’s love for her.

Sometimes, where we find ourselves has nothing to do with what we think is going on. It has to do with God sending us somewhere to someone who needs to know Him.

Maybe that’s why you are where you are today.


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