Why I’m Jumping Up and Down

Yesterday, I receive a large, bumpy envelope in the mail from the Baker family.  I know it’s gonna be good. 

This is from the mother who advised me that the sign of a happy childhood is dirty children.   This family doesn’t own a television set, and the children don’t play computer games.  Whenever they come to visit, I’m inspired to find new ways to take my children away from the screen. 

Just yesterday, we walk in the woods. 

My daughter’s image blurs as she races away. 

Breathless from running, she pauses to show me leaves larger than she knew existed. 

Back home, I remember how much I want to keep my children (and myself) moving.  

I open the large envelope and find a gift from the family-who-owns-no-television.  

It’s new double-dutch jump ropes!  My friend has sent long jump ropes made of soft rope that don’t hurt your ankles when you mess up.

Her timing is perfect.  Monday night, we resume our Neighborhood Double-Dutch Challenge in the parking lot.  Because of the time change and the warm weather, we can finally go back outside.   We’ll work on jumping in, turning the ropes for each other, and singing all the old songs. 

Who needs television when you have a double-dutch challenge? 

Journal:  What are my plans to move more this Spring? 

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  1. Very timely question! I just started walking today after making excuses for being sedentary for a very long time. Finally I realized if I can't take a half an hour each day to do something this important to my health, I'm not being honest with myself about all the ways I spend my time. So off I went 🙂

    Oh, and I plan to dance each day too. Alone and in private, but joyfully!

    I never played Double Dutch as a child but I wish I had. Have fun!