I Have Proof!

Bright Yellow Crocus

On the walk to school this morning, I see the crocus blooming.

I turn to examine the daffodils, and a ladybug greets me.

We made it through the winter.

The crocus symbolizes encouragement, hope, resurrection, and joy. It’s a victory sign that the unrelenting winter has passed. 

Hello, Ladybug

The ladybug, in most cultures, marks this day as one of blessing, protection, and good fortune.

Nature proclaims something today: hope rises, defying the barren ground and crawling up the stalks.

Right down to the shimmering diamond drops of dew on that ladybug’s back and right down to the silky case from which the crocus blooms, life delivers gift after gift.

We made it through the winter.


Journal:  What did I notice in nature today? 

Dew on the Ladybug

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  1. Your photos are lovely – to catch even the dew on a ladybug is an achievement.

    What did I notice in nature today? “Notice” doesn't seem like the right word; when I think back over my day, every time I went outside I was assaulted by the weather: rain, wind, and more wind! I hope tomorrow is calmer.