Who But You?

As I prepare my writing seminar, I receive emails and comments from folks asking sadly, “What do I have to write that’s worth reading?  Why would anyone read what I have to write?” 

In Mary Pipher’s book, Writing to Change the World, she entitles a chapter, “What You Alone Can Say.”  She claims, “You have something to say that no one else can say.  Your history, your unique sensibilities, your sense of place and your language bestow upon you a singular authority.  Who but you can describe the hollyhocks in your grandmother’s backyard or the creek outside of town that you fished as a child. . . ?” 

Who but you?

Journal:  What will you write that you alone can say? 

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  1. Never in my wildest imaginations did I think anyone would care, let alone read, about my adventures in the kitchen. Though I am the only person who can describe them, you encouraged me to share with the world what I experience. Who but you can only tell these stories, but some (like me) need a bit of a push. Thanks Dr. H 🙂

  2. Such a great post Heather. Indeed, each one of us have a unique perspective on life that no one else has. If we can put it into words, who knows whom we might inspire along life's path! I am so glad that God never made us clones of one another. That way, we can enjoy the feast of words written on the table of life by many varied authors.

  3. Planning to come to your seminar here at CSU! I enjoy writing, and want to learn more … (we're staff with Student Venture).