I Just Wanted to Remind You

This morning, I wanted to take you someplace to remind you how beautiful the world can be.  Even when there’s heartache, somewhere a rainbow shimmers in a dark sky.  Yesterday, we drove to the Rocky Mountains.  My camera’s very old and not fancy, but look at this! 

Rocky Mountain Rainbow

And just in front of this rainbow, a herd of elk leisurely feast.

Elk on the Mountain

And back down the trail, a waterfall spits and roars down the rocks.

You don’t think about laundry or dishes or sickness or sadness when you’re on the mountain.  At least I didn’t.  I sprawled out and took a deep breath.

Heather in the Heather

My daughters climb and explore.  A friend hands my oldest a pair of binoculars, and she suddenly becomes quiet and thoughtful.  

Sometimes, we need to go places that make us still and thoughtful as we contemplate the beauty of the earth.

Journal:  Where do you go to contemplate how beautiful the world is? 

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  1. Love this!…oh, that rainbow and all the more since I am in the same place, have met you face-to-face at the CSU video shoot:) and will spend more time together this week!