When You Match Teenagers with Older Women Prayer Partners

I’m visiting my husband’s home church, and I learn from the teenagers about their prayer partners. This church pairs teenagers with older women who partner with them in prayer for a one year period. 

A teen and her prayer partner share prayer requests over the year, pray for one another, go to lunch a few times, and get together as often as the teen wishes.

I talk to one girl who just loves her prayer partner. I talk to one women who just loves her teen partner.  They talk about everything. They text. They pray. 

It’s cool. It’s the thing the teens do.  

We imagine it might be supremely uncool to hang out with older folks to talk about life and God and prayer.  Oh, no: this is the greatest thing, and one teenager who doesn’t normally share about anything told me right away about her awesome prayer partner. 

I wish I had that when I was sixteen.  I wish I had been matched with an older woman who would care about me like that and pray about my decisions with me. 

I pray my daughters will have older women prayer partners to love them and care for them. 

This is the greatest thing. I want to be that older woman for a teenager!  Maybe I will!

Does your church do anything like this?  How does it work?  

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