A Baby Turtle Today

By accident, I happen to glance down and see a baby turtle swimming in the water today. 

As small as a silver dollar and as quick as a minnow, the turtle shimmers in the water.

I’m immediately transported to my childhood days on the banks of the Potomac River. I’d see those little turtle heads come up from beneath a lily pad. I’d watch their little feet and those intricate designs on their backs. My heart would beat faster. I had seen them! I know they are here!

I would forevermore search for them. 

I think God used the turtles to save my heart back then. I knew this: 

The world is a magical place, I’d think. There are incredible things here.

I call every child within earshot to come and see the baby turtle. I step back and watch them fill up with the same kind of wonder I had all those years ago on the banks of the Potomac. 

What is it about a turtle that delights us so much?

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