Like a Father

I’m reading a line by Margaret Silf in her book, Inner Compass, that helps me understand something about God. She writes:

“Imagine yourself as a wounded bird savaged by a cat, or as an animal caught in a trap, or as a small child who has hurt herself. . . Now, without offering any excuses or justifications or reproaches against what has harmed you, just let yourself be gathered up by God and held gently in the palm of his hand.”

Just let yourself be gathered up. I think of how, when my daughters were toddlers, they used to scamper about the yard. My husband would swoop down, gather them in his arms, and lift them high into the air. They still beg for that game so they can be caught up in those arms!

I think of a Great Father, swooping down to gather me as I scamper about. After being gathered up, Silf says now to “Be still, and simply know that he is God, who loves you and desires your wholeness so much that he is ready to die for it.”

A Great Swooping Father’s Love.

Happy Father’s Day!

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