When You Just Can’t Contain God

I’m speaking at a conference this week for 30 minutes on the topic of how I encounter God.  I’m finding I cannot possibly narrow the topic down to 30 minutes.  I could speak for hours!  I could teach for days upon days about every moment of surrender, every beautiful instance of suffering, every story of entering the spiritual journey of another person, and every abundant blessing that came when I obeyed God’s boundaries for a simple life. 

Surrender, suffering, spiritual journeys, and simplicity.  That’s how I see Him.  That’s how I experience Him most of all.  Whenever my faith moves from theory to practice, I see Him. 

But there’s also beauty and wonder!  What if I used the 30 minutes to reveal what I learned of God by blogging about the acorn, the Lady Slipper Orchid, and the snowflake? 

Maybe, instead, I’ll talk about the coconut cake that’s in the kitchen at this very moment.  How could I not experience the goodness and presence of God when He makes something so very wonderful as the coconut?

Focus, focus. I’m thankful that there’s just too much to report.  What a great God we serve!

How do you encounter God best? 

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  1. I encounter God when I know I'm acting ridiculous. Whenever I have sad thoughts or wish I could be better, God is the grounded one who basically slaps me right in the face and says “Hey, snap out of it! I'm right here!”. He is my logic and my appreciation for the little things, when sometimes I really don't have those things!

  2. Through nature, the dogs, friends and my patients. Today, I called an electrician (who had worked for me before and is super) – Christmas morning we had a wee electric “fire.” The area around the outlet was scorched and the smell I smelled was the burning plastic of the plugged in space heaters for the breezeway dogs. Dan came this afternoon within hours of my calling him :). Such a nice God surprise! Thank you for flair – I watch for opportunities daily!

  3. I was at that conference, and I can assure you that you did a fantastic job.  Encounter helped me in so many ways, and I'm blessed that you were able to be a part of that.