You’ll Make It

Today, my youngest daughter and I float petals in the creek.  She loves to launch a flower where the creek begins and watch it find its way to where the creek flows off into some grand distance she cannot see.

We root and cheer for the little petal as it braves rocks, sticks, swirling eddies, and sandbars.   We observe delays, near-drownings underneath dams of leaves and bark, and the wilted, water-logged exhaustion of a petal on her journey.

When she’s stuck, we see how when she simply turns to the ease of the current, the water takes her where she needs to go.

It’s just like living, I tell my daughter.  You’re on the journey, and when roadblocks come, you just relax and find your way back to that current of Living Water that always takes you home

Don’t you just love watching things float down the creek?  Oh, the joys of childhood!

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