When Something’s Missing (Strawberry Lemonade Bars)

I want to create a special after school treat for Valentine’s Day, but I’m out of everything.  No lemon juice for lemon squares; no chocolate anywhere for brownies; no frosting for cupcakes.

I do, however, have strawberries and some pink lemonade mix.  Behold!  People actually make strawberry lemonade squares, and they look so cute for Valentine’s Day.

I just love it when what I lack forces me into creative spots.  Praise God for the kind of limited resources that uncover abundance (deep in my pantry where the pink lemonade mix sat, lonely and just waiting).

I need to run out of ingredients more often.  

I find this recipe, but instead of fresh lemon juice, I mix a very strong cup of pink lemonade. And I puree every fresh strawberry we have. 

Strawberry Lemonade Squares

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Living with flair means we push through and create new things when we lack certain resources.  There’s a lonely something waiting in the back corner just waiting for use.

What’s the last thing you made because you were missing an ingredient?

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  1. Self rising flour and mini chocolate chips were in the ingredient list.  I only had to look up how to mix my own flour and and find last 1/3 cup regular chips. They just made a bigger burst of flavor in the little tea cakes today. Certainly your creativity was a giant step compared to mine but I was pleased to serve the little biscuit dessert.