When I Stop Getting My Own Way

This morning I realize again how much I love to get my own way. I’m not just imagining this; I’ve been told for many years by people who want to help me grow into maturity in this area that I struggle with needing to have things my way.

Others like me who voice their opinions and argue the benefits of their viewpoint–whether it’s small things like where to go to dinner or larger issues like what kind of goals one should have–often bulldoze over people.

We’re quick to decide, quick to discuss, quick to persuade. We smother others with our words that seem winsome while selfish.

This isn’t as loving as listening to others, giving them time to think, providing them more time to articulate their opinion, and not forcing quick decisions. Why not let others decide a plan? Why not do what others like to do, too? My demanding and manipulative self needs to back off and love others through this kind of patience and deference.

Living with flair means letting others have their way most of the time. Perhaps this is a way to humble myself, like Jesus did, and serve others as He did.

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  1. Wow! This post helps me to appreciate my patient nature. Blessings on your journey.

  2. I have to remind myself sometimes (okay, fairly often) that the Lord gave me TWO ears and ONE mouth for a reason…