This Cannot Be True

All week, I’ve been studying mysteries, paradoxes, and seemingly impossible truths of the Christian faith. Sometimes, I think, “This cannot be true,” or “How can this be true?” when I’m confronted with something that confounds my logic or understanding. Miracles, the incarnation, the trinity or just the fact that we’re spiritual beings housed within physical bodies, for example, can make my mind hurt.

We’re up in the Rocky Mountains in our shorts. It’s so hot. I’m burning up. I’m sunburned and so thirsty that I’ve consumed gallons of water.

And yet. . .

Snow! Snow right here on this hot mountain. But how? It cannot be true, but it is true. Instead of cynicism, doubt, or defeat, we embrace this impossibility and delight in the sublime experience of hiking through snow in the heat.

(It’s so easily explained up here, from this altitude.)

I remember that just because my own set of circumstances means nothing makes sense, from a different, heavenly height, all makes perfect sense.

Here, we race in the heat and we make snowballs at the same time. It is true.

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