When an Enormous Rabbit Finds You

I’m walking through campus to my office with my head looking down into the concrete.  I’m deep in thought about something I can’t recall.  I just remember that I wasn’t really seeing the sidewalk, and I couldn’t even remember how I got to campus.

Those autopilot mornings–the ones where it’s all routine and no beauty and rich presence–happen way too frequently in my life.

All of a sudden, a huge brown rabbit hops right by my feet, sits down, and stares at me.

“Excuse me, Enormous Rabbit,” I say and watch him slowly edge to the grass where he slips under a bush.  He stays there, watching me.

A Rabbit on Campus

Now I’m really here.  You can’t help but experience the day when God sends an Enormous Rabbit to shake you from complacency. 

I look to my left and right.  Does anybody see this giant rabbit?  It’s quiet on campus this early, so I’m the only one around.  I kneel down and notice the deep black eyes and soft ears.  I find myself enamored with his beautiful fur and his adorable little nose.  He doesn’t run away.  We stay there, watching each other.  Meanwhile, my mug of coffee has poured out onto the sidewalk.  But it doesn’t matter; there’s a rabbit here! A beautiful, glorious rabbit!

“I’m going to take a picture of you,” I say to the rabbit.  So I do. He actually seems to pose for it.

All day, I remember the Enormous Rabbit who blocked my path on campus. It’s an Alice in Wonderland kind of day now, but it didn’t begin this way.  

Did something happen today to shake you from an autopilot morning?

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  1. Adorable, but I'm a little concerned that he might have been a pet that someone dumped 🙁