Fighting Before Church is Even Better

The whole family just erupts this morning.  We can’t control ourselves!  We’re all fighting, and one child cries enormous tears while another screams, “You just make me so mad!” 

I could have pretended that everyone was OK this morning.  I wanted to!  I really did.  I could have wiped my daughter’s face and plastered a smile.  Instead, I walk through the church doors and tell everyone what a mess we are today.  Guess what?  I’m not the only one.  So many other families had horrible mornings. 

We’re all a mess, and it feels so good to admit it. 

Isn’t that what church is for? 

Was there fighting in your house this morning, too?  

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  1. “Beautiful the mess we are…” (from Amy Grant's – Better than a Hallelujah) Yup…We had a few misunderstandings this morning too…I think satan especially likes to stir the pot on Sunday mornings  AND our message at church last week was exactly this… “church at it's best: is still messy”