The Marks of Emotional Maturity

Yesterday, a wise man explains that while we often exhibit spiritual and intellectual maturity, we forget to develop emotionally

An emotionally mature person isn’t controlled by circumstances.  She can operate out of truth regarding God’s love for her, His sovereignty, and His perfect provision.  But how?  No matter how much I learn or how much I grow spiritually, I still let my emotions dominate. 

Something isn’t clicking.  

My wise friend suggests to begin by charting the day.  I’m to make a list of everything that happens and my reaction to these events.  I slow down, ask myself how I’m responding to my environment, why I’m doing this, and what lie I’m believing that generates the emotional instability.  Then, uncover the truth about God I need to believe. 

He remarks that most people behave inappropriately in reaction to their circumstances because there’s a deep wound of abandonment or neglect.  They lash out like caged animals because they want so desperately to have their needs met. 

But we don’t have to lash out or throw tantrums today.  We can supply God’s truth to this very moment and respond with peace, patience, and joy.  We are not neglected animals.  We are deeply loved and cared for by a generous and powerful God who heals us. 

Journal:  How would you know if you were emotionally mature? 

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  1. Well,I learned on Saturday this is an area that still requires work. I responded to an incident that involved my daughter whose in college completely out of fear. I must respond with God's truth, not with the emotional lies deposited from the enemy.

    I just love it when God sends a special confirmation…


  2. Heather, this reminds me of Sarah Mae's “Core Lies” ebook (it's free at )

    She talks about using our emotional responses to determine what lies we are believing. (She included my personal testimony of how God has worked the process in my life too…I love to share it 🙂 )

    Great thoughts here today…