Welcome December: A Bible Reading Plan

At the first of every month, I remember how wise people told me that they start reading Psalms and Proverbs that day. 

If you read five Psalms a day and one chapter of Proverbs, you’ll finish the books by the end of the month. 
This I’ve accomplished intermittently since 1995. I write in the margins of my enormous green Bible things I’m praying about. I’m amazed how Psalms and Proverbs so readily apply to my exact circumstances each time I read them.
I’m excited to begin today!
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  1. You know, I was casting about this AM wondering how to begin this season with purpose . . . and followed your suggestion. Thank you.
    Reading notes from previous study was bittersweet — sometimes showing how the Lord answered petitions, and then how often I have given up prayers.
    Two years ago, I noted a pastor preached from Psalm 5, and titled his sermon, “Desperately Dependent on God.” I don't remember the sermon — :0/
    But rediscovering the note, exploring the worship and wisdom of Psalms ans Proverbs reminds to examine the “supports” upon which I depend.