All the Ways to Laugh Together

Our family has experienced so much laughter lately. It’s something I’ve prayed for; we needed some lively amusement in light of a hard few months. As I think about the gift of laughter, I’m amazed by how precious a gift it is to look someone in the eye–even a complete stranger–slap your thigh, throw back your head, and laugh uncontrollably about anything: our own blunders, a well-timed joke or pun, a shared memory, animal antics, and irony.

We love irony.

We also love finding the amusing thing when we’re otherwise disappointed (again, another challenge here at Live with Flair). I remember the time as a little girl when my mother made a beautiful roasted chicken. She set it on the porch to cool, and as we stood there in the kitchen, we saw a family of bold raccoons arrive and proceed to eat our entire dinner. We laughed so hard even though we never ate that delicious chicken.

We pray for laughter to enter our relationships. I think God loves to answer this prayer, and perhaps He’s laughing with you.

Did you laugh really hard today?

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