Watching Hugo and Loving God: The Secret Message From a Father

I finish watching Hugo with my children, and we all have tears in our eyes.  The story strikes deep into the heart as the final line resounds:  “It’s about how [he] searched so hard to find a secret message from his father and how that message lit his way . . .all the way home.”

As I consider broken people (all the characters in the movie have some form of loneliness or pain) who search for “home,” I remember the verse in Psalm 68:6 that “God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.”

All my life, I’ve longed for that secret message that would lead me home.  When I read the words of Jesus in John 10:10 that Jesus had come so “they may have life and have it abundantly,” I knew a message had come from my Father.

It lit my way. . . all the way home.  

Did you ever discover a secret message like this?

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  1. You should check out his newest book Wonderstruck! Both Hugo and Wonderstruck are nearly 450 or so pages, but the majority are glorious pictures. The pics are great, but the story of Wonderstruck (like Hugo) was absolutely lovely. 🙂 

    I made it half way through the movie so far, can't wait to finish it. Your post about it was lovely.

  2.  Hello, Monster Librarian!  I want to read Wonderstruck next.  Thanks for letting me know about this book . 

  3. P.S. I reviewed it on my blog, also at the end of my review is the link to the NPR review…just in case you wanted to read.  🙂