Chasing Down That Light

 I spill out of the woods onto the meadow.

I see the way the late afternoon sunlight strikes the raw, brittle plants that rise up from the earth. I bend down, watching the light, and take the photo.

I remember that photographers go after the light.  I’ve never had any other formal training than this:  Go after the light. 

That’s what I want to do every day; I want to go after the Light, even on the coldest and rawest days.

I walk until my fingers protest against the cold.  The sun, sinking lower and lower, animates nothing else this afternoon.

But for just that one moment, I saw the light and chased it down.

Don’t you just love late afternoon sunlight?

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0 Responses

  1. Growing up in Denver we didn't have enough spectacular sunsets due to the mountains. When I went off to Kansas for college one of the greatest discoveries were the sunsets. This post reminds me how infrequently I now see a sunset. I miss them!

  2.  That must have been a wonderful moment to see that first Midwest sunset! 

  3.  Definitely asking God to show me where He is working and what He wants me to see each day!