They Don’t Have to Like You

Students hate my reading quizzes.

But after all this time and all these years of learning how to really serve students, I stand behind the benefit of reading quizzes. They increase student attentiveness and encourage great class discussion because folks come prepared.

But students don’t like them, and, by extension, students aren’t too thrilled with me.

That’s OK. I tell them that by the end of this course, they’ll be the strongest writers. They’ll never see verbs or semicolons the same way. That’s the goal. The goal isn’t liking me.

Sometimes, living with flair means you endure not being liked because you’re accomplishing a good thing. It’s the same with parenting, writing, and just living day to day. Somebody won’t like what you’re doing, and that’s OK. The goal isn’t to be liked.

Besides, some students love the reading quizzes.

When did you learn it was OK not to have everyone like you?

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  1. I learned this when I started managing people – my goals for them didn't line up with their goals for themselves nor did my goals for the department always line up with their goals for the department…they didn't (and don't) always like me. I also think we're better off now…at least I hope we are!