The You They Want

The last little girl just left my house after a small birthday party for my youngest daughter.

With a tight budget, we hosted a “garden party” theme.  This garden party included making greenhouses, taking swings at a butterfly pinata, and letting my extremely cool teenage neighbor come and do face-painting of butterflies, ladybugs, and anything the girls wanted.  Still, all the old insecurities rise up:  Is this fun enough?  Is it OK that it’s not expensive? 

Just then, my daughter asks me to make the fruit platter.  Can I make it in the shape of a butterfly for the garden party?  If you remember the legendary Boo Platter (and my most memorable act), you know that I’m not crafty or skilled in these areas.  But we come up with this: 

It just so happens that this little platter steals the show.  And the greenhouses and the face-painting were exactly what these little girls wanted. 

When I’m tempted to compare myself to other mothers, I remember that God gave me these children.  He gives me ideas that are perfect for them.  And when the old insecurities rise up, I remember the fruit platter. 

Journal:  Do you realize you’re the perfect person for the task God assigns?  It’s you

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  1. I so often feel I am not the perfect person for what I am doing but one thing I know for sure – I am the perfect person for the dogs God sends to my little rescue for adoption and sanctuary.

  2. Heather, your daughters have no choice but to grow up creative because their mother is delightfully creative in so many ways!