Are You Confident?

Confidence.  I think about this word today because I read a story about a woman who changed her hair color.  She became so much more confident.  A silly thing–an external change–altered her perception of herself and influenced how she interacted with others.  

I look up the word.  Confidence means you have assurance about yourself and your abilities.  But where does it come from?  Why are some folks so confident?  They move forward with a security–a trust–that they can launch out into new frontiers with sure success.

Others have ideas that flicker out like snuffed flames because they can’t imagine themselves ever really doing what they want so badly to do. They cower under the reality of potential criticism, inexperience, and insecurity. 

As I imagine a picture of confidence, I realize that confidence comes from the deeply held belief that we’re unconditionally accepted, equipped, and commissioned by God to do things.  If we fail, it doesn’t matter: we’re accepted (and even in failure, God works out a favorable outcome).  If we feel inadequate: we remember God equips (and in our limitations, God shines).  If we feel uncertain: we recall that God has set apart the good works for us to accomplish. We’re commissioned.   

When my writing book showed up on amazon, I had a moment of sheer terror.  It was public.  I was going to be mocked!  I was going to fail and forever go down in history as the poor woman who tried to write a book (in reality, nobody really thinks about us as much as we imagine).  But when I picture the confident me–the one whose confidence rests in God who does not fail us–I took a deep breath and remembered the truth. 

Living with flair means we cultivate a picture of confidence.  What do we want to do that a simple lack of confidence hinders? 

Journal:  What takes our confidence away?

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  1. This post really speaks to me, Heather. It is funny the things that can boost our confidence. I really do enjoy speaking, but I've discovered that I'm more self-assured if I can speak while sitting on a stool. I've been known to sit on the stage steps, if a stool was not available. It's my “prop” I guess.

    This was the basic message at church this morning – the topic of discussion at our small group – the fear that keeps us from stepping out on the water. What are we afraid of and what are we not doing because of that fear?

    If I have faith that God will equip me for what He has called me to do, then I should have the confidence to do it – with or without a stool. =)

  2. I'm reading a book at present called 'The Confidence Gap'. One thing the author says is that confidence is not the absense of fear, but a transformed relationship with fear. Even the most apparently confident people still experience fear, anxiety etc but rather than trying to avoid it, they learn to accept its presence & use its energy to assist them in doing the things that they truly value. I like that because a lack of feeling confident doesn't have to stop me from doing things that are important to me. Well done on stepping out with your book!