The Work of Rest

Today I leisurely read the Bible, baked an Almond Kringle, painted little fingernails, ate grilled cheese sandwiches, and will most likely watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. And I’ll take another lantern walk to see the moon late tonight. 

Certain activities punctuate this Sunday’s rest. Laundry hums in the wash cycle; dishes steam in the dishwasher, ready for unloading, and a gathering of graduate students will bless this house in a few hours. I’ll be helping organize all the packing of shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, preparing school lunches, and cleaning up from dinner. 

But what has stopped today? Emails and grading and lesson plans and book writing. These go underground in the still, dark Sabbath, waiting for Monday’s germination. There’s no blooming without burying the seed first. 

Sabbath rest is for roots going deeper into silence and stillness, and into some slow time (a Kringle bakes for an hour; nails dry; the moonlit walk is long and deliberate). 

So I’m working at rest. 

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