His Highest Willingness

This morning I read E. Stanley Jones’ thoughts about prayer. He challenges our ideas that we somehow must overcome God’s reluctance or somehow convince God to move on our behalf. I wonder if we imagine God’s disposition as bored, unwilling, distant, annoyed, or even angry with us.

Stanley insists that instead, we must “lay hold [of] His highest willingness. All His barriers are down. All you have to do is take down your barriers. Prayer lets God’s love in.”

His highest willingness. 

What if we believed this phrase with all our hearts? What if we approached each new morning understanding God’s overwhelming willingness–His eager waiting and His desire–to meet us, respond to us, empower us, bless us, and renew us? He is neither reluctant nor bored with His children.

Stanley tells his readers that a vital prayer life is the most worthwhile thing in all of life. And when we consider God’s highest willingness to meet us in prayer, perhaps it shifts us more to this grand pursuit of Him.

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