Full of The Holy Spirit and Wisdom: For Hospitality

I find great delight in Act 6:1-5. Ministry was spreading! Prayer and the preaching of God’s word was happening! 

But people needed food in this ministry. So seven people were chosen because they were “known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom” to take up the food duties. 

I wasn’t expecting that sentence. I expected the men who were full of God’s Spirit and wisdom to go on the road preaching. Instead they managed the food. 

We tend to prioritize preaching and prayer as ministry requiring Holy Spirit power and wisdom, but here, you need supernatural power for food

I love it! I love that every role matters and none matters more in God’s system. And as I bake another pan of enchiladas for grieving neighbors, I think about a ministry of food differently. 

These enchiladas, like all things we do–whether holding a Bible or a spatula–come from God’s power and wisdom. 

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