The Where and the What Matter Less and Less

I finish a paragraph by Margaret Silf and realize how much I believe it. She writes, “There is nothing on earth that doesn’t reveal some fragment of the reality of its maker, nor any moment that I live that doesn’t hold God concealed within it. Sometimes this is obvious, as in a beautiful sunset. Sometimes it remains hidden.” 

Every moment that I live, therefore, holds God concealed.

Here and now! It doesn’t matter where I am or what’s happening all around me. I can be assured that God is with me and in even this.

Sometimes, it does indeed remain hidden.

But if I seek, I will find. If I ask, the great door will be opened.

In even this.  

I’m starting to consider this task as my life’s work; the poetry of finding the concealed fragment that reveals God offers the kind of joy and meaning I cannot live without. 

The older I get, the more I realize that the where and the what of my life matter less and less. The reality of God in and about me makes every place sacred, every person a mystery, and every situation ripe with glory. 


Have you found this to be true? 

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