The Tiniest Little Gift

On Sunday night, my friend put a tiny little present on my kitchen counter.

It was a teabag.

It’s wrapper said Scottish Breakfast Tea. My friend simply said, “You will love it. It’s the best tea.”

Days pass. I had set the teabag next to my tea kettle because I wanted to drink it during the morning sometime since I’m so sensitive to caffeine.

Finally, I remember that little teabag, and I make myself a cup of steaming Scottish Breakfast Tea. I add some sugar from my tiny little blue and white sugar bowl.

It was delicious.

This tiny little gift brought an immense amount of relaxation.

I remember that living with flair involves tiny little gifts to pass on and enjoy.

It was, as I said, delicious.

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  1. Hi Heather, oh, how I envy you 🙂 I've only been drinking English Breakfast Tea so far and I loved it but I don't doubt that the Scottish Variety is also very, very delicious.

    Also, I want to thank you for your blog! It is a constant reminder for me that I can consciously choose the way I see my world and my day and that I do not have to let my mood or my thoughts drag me down.