Not the Most Important Thing

I’m sitting here upstairs as I listen to these ice pellets fall. I learn that this isn’t a half snow / half rain combination; it’s an entirely different kind of phenomenon.

It’s amazing. And it means something to me.

An ice pellet forms when a snowflake melts as it falls through a warm layer of air but then refreezes when it passes through a below-freezing layer of air.

I learn that such ice pellets tell us that a nice warm front is on the way. The temperatures will rise this week!

This chiming catastrophe of early dismissals and traffic horrors, this pinging mess of accidents waiting to happen indicates an advancing mass of warm air. It’s the pregame; it’s the prelude; it’s the overture. In other words, this dreary precipitation outside my window that has canceled everything isn’t the most important thing happening. It’s simply introducing the great thing coming next.

Warmth! Spring! It’s coming!

Living with flair means that sometimes what’s happening isn’t the most important thing. What’s coming next is.

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