The Simple Remedy

This morning, the icy wind blows against the house and whips down the street, determined.  The power goes out, and suddenly, the warm yellow glow of the kitchen turns into the blue-black of a morning not quite awake. 

We have breakfast by lantern and candlelight.  It’s quiet

We have so much time on our hands.  It’s as if a lack of electricity remedies our morning frenzy. 

We have to pull the garage door open by hand.

I can’t charge my cell phone; I can’t check email.  My day turns basic, simple.

But I can drive across town to the doctor’s office.  Finally, after 14 days of coughing, the doctor wants to treat with antibiotics.  As I sit there, still chilled from my morning without heat, the doctor says, “You’ll need to buy buckwheat honey today.  It’s the only thing that works for the cough.” 

Buckwheat honey?  Last week, I paid a fortune in medications (that did not work) to treat this cough, prescribed with robotic speed.  But this new doctor claims that all the clinical trials in cough research show that a teaspoon of buckwheat honey (and it has to be buckwheat–no other type works) coats the throat in such a way that coughing ceases.

A simple remedy, as simple as a quiet breakfast by lantern, trumps the big expense of manufactured cough suppressants.   My jar of honey costs a couple dollars, and I cradle it in my arms as I make my way through the fluorescent lights of the grocery store.  I imagine the little bees making this honey–that simple, natural act–that I’ll benefit from today. 

Honey and lanterns:  I have to remember that living with flair can be natural and basic and cheap.  That kind of living may remedy what frenzies my day.

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  1. It really is amazing how losing power changes the rhythm of the home, isn't it.

    I hope your cough goes away very soon. Like pain, a persistent cough can really wear you down.

  2. It's true about the honey. There is really good medical evidence on it (I am a primary care doctor). Also, now that you can't give cold medicines to kids under 6 anymore, honey is a good bet. Plus most kids like the taste. I hope you feel better soon, and that the midwestern version of this year's bronchitis goes away faster than the one I'm seing in Boston.

  3. I stumbled across your comment on The Pioneer Woman and it was meant to be. I am on day 7 of a horrible cough. I have to play the piano in a concert on Friday night and this cough is going to ruin it. Where did you get the honey – at any grocery store or a co-op? Is it working for you? I am getting some first thing tomorrow.
    Heather is Manhattan, KS