Are You the Fudge Fairy?

Perched atop a snow drift by my front door today, a package of homemade fudge boasts a bright green ribbon.  It’s the same wrapping every time.  And every time, a Bible verse of encouragement, neatly typed and tucked under the ribbon, speaks about God’s faithfulness. 

I never know when the fudge delivery will come.  Sometime in the cloak of night or wee hours of the morning, someone delivers fudge all over town.  It comes several times a year.  Mostly graduate students receive the gift–just as exams approach–and soon, the phone rings.

“Are you the fudge fairy?” 

“No, are you?” 

Nobody knows.  

Gifts delivered in secret to the front door delight this community.  Part of the joy is not knowing who performs this anonymous ministry of fudge–and guessing and guessing and loving that someone was thinking of you.  

Are you the fudge fairy? 

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