The Return of the Hamburger Cupcakes

I ask my daughter what birthday treat she wants for her classroom, and she reports, “Everybody wants the Hamburger Cupcakes!”  I realize now that I’m most known, not for novels, speeches, or books on writing, but for things like Boo Platters, wooden fences, and Green Apple Cupcakes

And Turkey Vegetable Platters. 

And acorn flour

And double-dutch jump rope

Years ago, I told God I would live the life He asked me to live.  I had no idea back then that I would find myself knee-deep in sprinkles and little girls and basement dance parties.  What a glorious life that has nothing to do with fame or wealth or prestige! 

So we set out this morning for the ingredients for Hamburger Cupcakes, and my daughter says, “Mom, we need lettuce and cheese this time.” 

This means one thing:  fondant.  I’m out of my league.  I’m in uncharted waters.

But we try it.  We color it, roll it out, and make lettuce and cheese for the Hamburger Cupcakes. 

We’re getting better and better.

Happy Birthday to the girl who sent me off into the uncharted waters of motherhood. 

 I’ve tried apples and hamburgers.  What other cupcakes could I try? 

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0 Responses

  1. I seen very cute cookie monster (and other sesame street characters). Those may not be cool though 🙂 
    The other day I saw a picture on pinterest that the cupcakes together and then formed into an owl which was very cool.

  2. Brook, I just love owls!  That would be great!  My girls think sesame and muppets are cool.  Do you ever grow out of Kermit and Cookie Monster?  

  3. Oh, how neat! I'll have to remember that one – sometimes kid desserts are more complicated to make than the grown up stuff (and lots more fun to eat ;o)

  4. You're so right!  Why do we do all these complicated things?  Because it makes food fun to eat!  

  5. When I read Hamburger Cupcake comment on PW, I pictured ground beef in a muffin tin, then you mentioned fondant and I thot yuck. I had to come over and see what it was. How cool!

    Just wondering if the “ketchup” and “mustard” are both vanilla frosting, or did you do other flavors?

  6. Yes, both vanilla, Sharon.  Next year, I need to figure out how to make little pickles and onions.  Your idea about ground beef in the muffin tin got me thinking about little meat cupcakes with mashed potato frosting!  I'm on it!