The Home You Take With You

This morning, I remember my daughter’s explanation of “The Warm Welcome” from October.  As I clear the breakfast dishes, refold the green blanket on the couch, plump the pillows, and reposition the bright yellow daffodils in a cobalt blue vase, I tell her I’m orchestrating my own Warm Welcome.

I want to come home to order and beauty. 

In church, I think about the inner landscape of home and the Warm Welcome I have when I respond to God.  As the poet writes in Psalm 90, “Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout the generations.”  I come home to that spiritual dwelling place within my own heart where the Holy Spirit waits for me, and I find the kind of peace and sanctuary I need.  I’m home. 

It’s not a location.  I carry it with me. 

That means it doesn’t matter where I am.  And it means I can offer others a dwelling place they can have with them always, even when they are very far from home. 

Journal:  What does it mean to be “home”? 

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  1. That Warm Welcome is always there for us when we are in Christ. How wonderful to carry the Lord with us wherever we go whether it is to our job or to a friend's house. I love being a vessel for the Lord and I am trying hard each day to keep my house in order just for Him! Thanks for the sweet reminder!