Live Video of Baby Eagles!

If you haven’t already seen the live video stream of the Decorah Eagles in their nest in Iowa, you might want to.  The nest rests 80 feet in the air, weighs 1 and 1/2 tons, and contains 3 fuzzy eaglets and two majestic parents.

I keep checking in on them.  My students, my neighbors, and my family visit the nest online and watch the eaglets.  I realize this morning that I’m observing in nature what no human eye could ever see before.  It’s amazing to think that right now, in Iowa, little eaglets grow. 

Just to know, just to peek in on it, brings wonder to our Saturday Morning Pancakes. 

Journal:  What makes these eagles so fascinating? 

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  1. I heard a story of this on NPR. So glad you shared the link. It reminds me of the Shiba Inu puppy cam a family put up so we could watch them grow. This is simply awesome.