The Hidden Harvest

I’m out in the rain in over-sized rain boots to dig around in the garden. I glance at the raspberry stalks. 


But then–because hope dies slowly–I venture deep inside the raspberry patch and stick my head underneath the wet stalks.  Tiny barbs on the stalks scratch my fingers, but I keep going. 

A hidden harvest greets me!

Ripe Raspberries Deep Within

Afraid they might disappear like some desert mirage, I frantically start gathering berries.  There’s too many to carry in my hands.  Hidden on the underside of every stalk, I find more and more. 

I return with a bowl and finish the work.  I’m amazed at this hidden harvest.  We feast until we’ve had our fill.  

The whole time, I’m wondering about this hidden harvest.  What harvest awaits, hidden from public view–from public consumption–because it’s a deeper, internal sort of fruit?   I think about all the quiet, hidden things I harvest from the Lord’s work in my life. I think of character traits like perseverance, humility, courage.  The world might not immediately see it, and it might not be obvious to anyone else. 

But I know I’m changing.

Living with flair means thanking God that He produces fruit in our lives of good character.  When there’s no obvious fruit on the vine, it just means the harvest might be internal–deep within–on the underside.

Journal:  Has your character changed this year?   

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  1. GREAT WORD, Heather! What a fun illustration too.

    I've been pondering the concept of attention the last few weeks …
    how I want to receive it,
    how God wants to give it,
    how it relates to humility etc.

    Blog forth-coming next week.

  2. OMGosh, I 've been working on attention, too! Mine – to that which I don't want to bother but need to (like taxes, home repair, record-keeping, etc.). I live as though I have a person to take care of those oh, so mundane matters! LOL. Great post, Heather.