Believing the Best about Each Other

Remember in May when I believed that my children would destroy a wedding ceremony?  Remember how I doubted them and judged them?  I refused to believe the best.

I learned the power of believing the best that day.  Lately, we’ve been teaching our children to believe the best about their friends.  Instead of criticism, suspicion, or judgement, believe the best about them.

Years ago, a wise mentor told me that this was the secret to a great marriage.  “Always believe the best about each other,” she cautioned, “and speak about the great things you believe about each other.”

So we do.  Sometimes I forget, so I call my husband and tell him.  Sometimes I forget with my own children, so I find them and tell them.  Sometimes, I forget with myself, so I remind myself of all the things God says are true about me. 

I’m learning that folks respond to our feelings about them.  They rise up and meet the standard of beauty, wisdom, kindness, and intelligence we believe for them.  They likewise sink down under the weight of our lack of confidence in them, our criticism, our doubt, and our judgment.

I’m believing the best today.

Journal:  Who needs to know that you believe the best about them today?

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