The Garbage You Make

For a class project about our community, my daughter must record every single piece of trash we throw away.  Recording it like this amazes me; it’s not even noon, and I’m made more garbage that any person should. 

I am not helping my environment, I lament as I see the plastic milk carton, the paper towels, the fruit rinds, and the coffee filters.  Then I remember our compost pile.  I ask myself, “Is this thing in my hand really waste, or can I use it somehow?”  I can compost, recycle, and reuse.  It’s so easy, I realize that, in part, I’m just simply lazy.

I’m lazy!  

It’s funny how recording things raises the kind of awareness I need. I lose weight when I record what I eat.  I gain health when I record our family’s five fruits and veggie servings each day.  I grow spiritually when I keep a record of prayers I offer and scriptures I’m learning. I grow mentally when I learn and record it in a blog.

Living with flair means keeping a record to monitor the garbage in my life.  I don’t want waste and worthless output; I want meaningful, beautiful, and beneficial.

Have you ever monitored your own garbage? 

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  1. Not to that degree but I do know my trash man thinks I waste my money paying him to haul away a full bin every couple weeks.