Stay Tethered and Run Free

I heard a story last week about horses that I think about every day now.

A psychologist shared that she grew up on a farm, and she noticed something incredible about her horses during a barn fire.  During a barn fire, all of the animals would run free from the barn except the horses.  The horses would go back into the burning barn. 

Unless they were tethered together

Only if tethered together would the horses flee the burning barn and not return.  The psychologist made the point that as we begin to set ourselves free from dangerous or toxic situations in our lives, we sometimes go back to the burning barn.  Over and over again, we might return to what’s not good for us.

Unless we are tethered together

My friends and I now claim we are “tethered horses.”   Together we can change our lives and not return to dark places.  As we heal, we stay tethered. 

To tether means to restrict, and it seems restrictive indeed.  Yet when viewed in light of my own freedom, I choose to tether myself to Jesus and then to the women in my community.  We’re running from a burning barn out into a glorious pasture, but only when we stay tethered together.

Are you tethered? 

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