The Dangers of Blogging: Some Things Are Just For Now

I think it’s sometimes hard to have a blogger for a spouse.  We’re tempted to think about family events in terms of blog entries instead of just experiencing them. 

We’re driving down a country road, and the moon hangs low and buttery yellow in the deep black of night.  “Pull off the road!” I cry.  “I want to photograph it!”

He pulls off into the dirt of a farm, and I roll down the window to try to capture the moon.

You can’t do it; the moon never photographs well, at least with the kind of camera I have.  I look out at that moon and wish I had a record.  I wish I had the film to prove it, to share it. 

He holds my hand and says, “Some things are just for now.” 

Some things, I learn, you don’t need to always blog about.  You don’t need to capture them at all.  They are just for now. 

If you’re a blogger, do you find that you start evaluating your day based on what would make a good blog instead of just living it?

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  1. lol – my Heather was valiantly trying to photograph the moon Monday evening as we were driving back from Michigan . . . but the moon that hung so large and orange low on the horizon, she could hardly find it in the view finder of her camera (and her spouse wasn't willing to pull over to the side of a busy freeway so that she could attempt a picture without the bouncing of the van).

  2. Thanks, Megan.  I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to keep the blogging life in check!  

  3. I'm the same way, that's why I felt free to tease.  🙂  Except many of the blog posts in my mind never get written and many of the photos never get taken.  But I still think in blog posts all the same.

  4. So true – so many times we try to capture the moment instead simply enjoying it! The moon was super, though :). 

  5. Thank you so much Heather!  We went to see one of my husband's heroes speak yesterday, and to our surprise we even were able to get a photo with the two of us and him at the end!  Only to find out when we got home that there were no pics stored on the camera.  It really bummed him out for the rest of the night, because he had such high hopes about it and was hoping to preserve that moment forever, so this blog post is great–Enjoy the moment, because sometimes it's just for now.

  6. Yes!  That's happened to me!  I took photos only to find out my memory stick wasn't in the camera!  That day was definitely a “just for now” kind of day!