Is There Such a Thing?

Today, my friend tells me I have the spiritual gift of “celebration.” Is there such a thing?  There must be!  Living with Flair has been my 632 day journey to celebrate the day.  It never gets old for me. 

Lord, help me continue to celebrate! 

I want to remember to celebrate when I have long, boring days of work and chores and sadness and disappointment.  There’s something  or someone to celebrate here.  There’s something to dance a jig about, slap a high-five for, squeal-with-my-hands-over-my-mouth for, perform little jumps in the air for, grab-my-friend’s-shoulders-and-jiggle-and-jump-and-kiss-on-the-cheek about, pump my fist over, whoop and holler about, turn a cartwheel for, sing the Hallelujah chorus over, write a blog about. . . 

You get the idea.  Living with flair means we’re gonna celebrate.  There’s always something–or better yet, Someone–to celebrate.  It might be anything–large or small, obvious or hidden–that’s just waiting for us to observe and cheer over.   Woo-hoo!  Yahoo!  Yeah! 

Do you have something to celebrate today?

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