The Box We Pass Around

This morning, I bring out the box of clothes my sister mailed to me.  She found used clothing for my daughters to wear.  From that box, I keep back a few items that would be perfect for my neighbor’s daughter.

She takes the box, and then returns it an hour later with several items of clothing she thought would be perfect for my daughter. Especially green things since my oldest adores the color green. 

Then I get a text from another neighbor who has cleaned out her closet and has found clothes perfect for my youngest.  I return sandals to her that she once gave my oldest that now fit her youngest.  I pull out her old pants to wear today that no longer fit her but fit me.

And so on and so on.  

The neighborhood recycles clothes and toys and books and tools.  We even pass around the canes of fruit bushes from various gardens.

You just keep sending it all around.  Eventually, we all have what we need.  Living with flair means you pass the box around and share with the neighbors.

Do you have things to pass around this week?

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