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On the walk to school, we notice the tiniest weeping cherry.  Amid the oldest and the tallest, the brightest and the best, this little tree–so humble and no bigger than a chair–makes her contribution. 

In the shadow of the tall oaks on either side of her, she seems so very small.  

Stand tall, Little Tree!  The whole world might not see you, and you don’t stand nearly as tall as the rest, but for this one walk to school, this one street, and this one patch of grass, you bring joy. 

I want to be the kind of woman who brings pleasure and joy, even if I’m not the best or the most important.  Maybe my assignment from God is to bloom small for just one street.  

Thank you for reading Live with Flair!  It’s the 2 year anniversary today!  

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  1. Heather – I check with you everyday from North Carolina.  I enjoy your quick little wisdoms.  You are a constant reminder of God's love and a bright spot in my day!


  2. Happy Blogoversary! I so enjoy your observations even when I don't comment. This weeping cherry tree gives me hope; that what I do in my little part of the world has meaning, brings joy and serves God. Blog on!

  3. I check several blogs daily but always save yours for last.  It is the one that stays with me.  Thanks! 

  4. Happy anniversary, Heather! Thanks for the sweet joy you add to my life daily. Here in my little mountain town in Northern California, only the crocus have popped up so far. Nice to get a taste of spring with your lovely photos.

  5. whatever your assignment from God, you carry it out with such grace, thank you every day

  6.  Thank you, Judy!  I would think NC would have more blooms that Central PA, but maybe your little mountain town is higher up ! 

  7. Yes!  The Starfish!  I had forgotten that story.  Yes!  What we do matters, even if just for one person.  

  8. Hi Heather; Thank you for your commitment to your blog – I appreciate your
    heart, your patch in the quilt, your star in the sky, your brush stroke on the
    painting of life, for all to see.

    I also thank you for choosing to teach others how to do the same.
    Blessings on your continued writings. Mark


  9. Your last two sentences fill my heart with joy. Yes, the small blooms are as worthy as the show-stoppers. Your blog is a daily source of inspiration. Congrats on two years.