Sometimes, characters in novels take on lives of their own. They do things that deviate from the originally storyline. It might be a small detail (the time of day, a food she eats, a piece of clothing she wears), but it ripples through the story.

Sometimes, this small change easily folds back into the story, and other times, I have to write entire chapters just to accommodate the detail. Whether it takes a sentence or thirty pages, eventually, the plot moves on as planned.

I find myself weaving the tale in new ways when something changes. Eventually all the characters end up where they’re supposed to. There’s a plot line they come back to, no matter how far they’ve strayed.

Writing novels teaches me so much about a life of faith. I love thinking of God as the Author of my life’s story. It comforts me to think that God weaves all the details (and even the mistakes) right into the master narrative. Eventually He knows how to get me where I’m supposed to be. It might be in a minute or in thirty years, but I know for certain He “works all things together for good.”

He’s the only one who can. He wrote the story.

Did you ever make a mistake you felt like God couldn’t use for good? I’m amazed that He can and does work it all out for good. 

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