Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stop trying to impress people all the time? Wouldn’t the holidays be so easy if the motivation behind our behavior was genuine love and not a desire to impress?

Recently, my friend and I laughed about all the things we fear folks finding out about us. We carefully construct ourselves to manage everyone’s opinions; we wear the right clothes that make us look thinner; we clean our homes so everyone delights in our organization; we boast of certain accomplishments so everyone thinks we are. . . perfect.

What if, instead, we just announced this: I’m afraid you will think I am fat, disorganized, or unaccomplished (or whatever it is you really fear people thinking about you). What if we just let people think the very worst and we stopped trying to impress? Maybe then we could really serve people over the holidays. We could think about them and not our images and reputations.

That would be impressive indeed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Once again, I find myself nodding in agreement with every sentence of your post. At Thanksgiving and at all times, I want the love in my own heart to melt away the crusty need to protect my image, and to blaze like sunshine into the world. Thank you–and Happy Thanksgiving!