Something New

Today my neighbor reveals the astonishing fact that a bird has built a domed nest with a beautiful side entrance right in her potted plant. After laying eggs, the bird has moved leaves over the side door, closing it off from the rest of the world.

She’s a Carolina Wren! We listen to her cries, and I match the vocalization to what I find online at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (they have an app for bird identification!)
I examine the pictures of nests online, and I’m fascinated by the architecture. 
I love learning new things, and today I remember what a feast life is if we approach each day as students of wonder. 
My daughter and I discuss the Carolina Wren on the walk to school. We decide that if we were birds, we would be Carolina Wrens. We would build little domed houses with a side entrance covered by leaves. We’d stay cozy and warm and safe in this wonderful little home. 
(Google image search Carolina Wren nest, and you’ll find much better photos than what I could take.)
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  1. You have inspired me to watch birds more closely. This year, I was so excited because we have two robins' nests by our home. Such fun to see the eggs hatch and watch the baby birds develop!

  2. i come to your page often, tension recedes, heart softens, thanks for your connection to spirit that you share with us so generously.